Mindfulness webinar

Healthcare, education and business professionals interested in using mindfulness and compassion techniques for their personal growth and/or professional activity.
The book “Mindfulness and compassion” by Dr. García Campayo will be delivered. In addition to other documentation, proof of payment and certificate of participation (a percentage of the proceeds of the course will go to the Genes and People Foundation, to invest in social and health programs and social protection in Aragon).

Javier garcía campayo

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Conference by dr. garcía campayo “mindfulness and mindful eating

Mindful Eating helps us to detect and manage the emotions that provoke anxiety about eating and its negative consequences, such as obesity, and proposes other more effective alternatives to cope with these emotions.
The techniques explained in this book are adjusted to the slopes and ravines that life presents us with. All psychotherapeutic techniques aim to make us adapt to the inevitable, to make us prefer this reality, sometimes hard, to a past that will not return, or to the fantasy of an impossible present, to which we stubbornly attach ourselves. Psychotherapies are bridges to cross rivers, faults, ravines or torrents, but always under the condition of establishing a previous pact between professional and patient. The problem-solving therapy has this very assumed, and is one of those therapies that show from the beginning its business card: this is what I can offer you, are you interested? do you want to cross the bridge, or do you prefer to stay on this shore? At this point, the health professional should take into account something very obvious but very important: from so much seeing the segment of humanity most eroded by the blows of destiny, it is very difficult to see how it can be possible to solve the problem, but it is very important.

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Javier garcía campayo: how to be happy in everyday life

Thank you for your interest. Although this MOOC has already taken place, if you register you will be able to access the most important content and videos. However, you will not be able to do any of the activities and you will not be able to get certified. When a new edition is available you will be able to register to get the full experience of a MOOC from Miríadax.
How could mindfulness practice be integrated with emotional intelligence? This is the fundamental content that we will develop in this course, through the Mindful Emotional Intelligence Training (MEIT).
Mindfulness, based on the millenary technique of Meditation, has recently been integrated by Contemporary Psychology as a valid, reliable tool with proven therapeutic effects.
In this course you will learn basic notions about Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness, and how the regular practice of Mindfulness can favor the development of emotional skills. Thus, when we focus mindfulness on emotional content, it greatly facilitates the understanding and regulation of our emotions.

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