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oysho yoga 2018 | madrid masterclass

For the first time, the yoga masterclass organized by Free Yoga Masterclass with the sponsorship of Oysho in Madrid was held in Paseo del Prado instead of Plaza Mayor. In a way the event loses that special charm, but in exchange we were much more comfortable and had more space.
The event was held on Sunday, October 8 and was attended by more than 3,000 people completely free of charge. There was a bit of uncontrolled queue formation and access to the venue, which was quite late and also caused the class to start later.
A detail that I love about this event is that they always leave a few minutes of reflection dedicated to the rejection of violence in general and, more specifically, gender violence. We must not forget that yoga is a practice of love, peace and union and that there is no point in «writhing» on the mat if we do not apply its philosophy in our daily lives.

free yoga by oysho – madrid 2013

Madrid hosts the 6th edition of Free Yoga by Oysho. Yoga lovers will have their annual appointment next Sunday, June 3, which will take place the free masterclass of this discipline that will be taught by Mercedes de la Rosa. The Paseo del Prado in Madrid, a natural and open space, will witness for the second time the dynamic class of Active Yoga. Being every day more aware of the power of a healthy, active and moving life, Free Yoga by Oysho is renewed with an Active Yoga class, a discipline that strengthens physically and also develops inner strength.

free yoga masterclass madrid 2018

Free Yoga by Oysho returns to organize its multitudinous free yoga Masterclass in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid, which will again be transformed into the center of yoga in the capital thanks to its 3rd edition. The event is for both yoga enthusiasts and beginners and will be held on May 30 at the Plaza Mayor in Madrid at 11 am.
Free Yoga by Oyhso will also be held in Barcelona, where the fourth edition of the Masterclass will take place on October 3. The objective of Free Yoga is to promote the practice of this discipline.


That yoga is a discipline that is gaining more and more followers is a reality. We could write long and hard about the countless benefits of yoga, both physically and mentally, but surely there are plenty of articles on the net that explain it much better than us.
Free Yoga by Oysho is the annual outdoor yoga event held both in Madrid and Barcelona. During the month of June and in a particular location in the city, Free Yoga makes available to anyone who wants to experience a free outdoor masterclass.
Free Yoga was born in 2012 from the hand of 3 yoginis passionate about bringing yoga to everyone through free yoga masterclasses. Since then and after 5 editions and 10 events, Free Yoga by Oysho has become a reference in the world of yoga and wellness.
But in addition to this type of mass gatherings, in Madrid you can also find other types of appointments to share your regular practice. From yoga meetings in the Retiro Park to meditation and yoga retreats in the mountains of Madrid, through yoga & brunch days, very popular in the capital.